Huawei P20/P20 Pro Release: Redefining Smart Photography

- Mar 28, 2018-

Since the birth of the P series, Huawei has dedicated itself to making consumers feel that even light and stylish mobile phones can have a professional photography experience. This time, the launch of the HUAWEI P20 series made the dream a reality. The HUAWEI P20 PRO pioneered Leica's three lenses, inheriting the core DNA of the P series, and combining technology and art to create a new breakthrough in the mobile experience in 2018. HUAWEI P20 series from the appearance of artistic design and a new gradient of color, to the Leica lens system, to the AI chip, smart photography system, pouring Huawei's photographic exploration, aesthetic research and intelligent technology deep accumulation.

华为P20/P20 Pro发布:重新定义智慧摄影

From photography to photography, from Huawei's superior software algorithms to the fusion of light and technology. Huawei P series has always been pioneering and innovating on the road to enhance the user's mobile photography experience. The HUAWEI P9 series released the first Leica dual camera phone. The large aperture mode enables consumers to experience background blur effects similar to those of a large-aperture SLR lens. The HUAWEI P20 series hopes to go a step further and make consumers in most scenarios. There is no need for any auxiliary equipment to get more "SLR-like" experience. At the same time, we use technology to escort photography and use AI technology to adapt the scene recognition mode so that every user who raises a Huawei mobile phone can take photos that satisfy them.

Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei’s consumer business, stated: “We pay tribute to the artists, but we can't help but take our own steps: P20 uses the industry-leading lens system and also uses more powerful AI technology. We work together with industry-leading partner Leica. Cooperation, three generations of products continue to polish. We will not stop exploring the way that science and technology enable photography, as Huawei has the most accumulated high-end series - P series will continue to bring consumers new experience beyond expectations."

In addition, Huawei has also released a new product, Porsche Design HUAWEI Mate RS, in collaboration with Porsche Design to redefine smart new luxury. Based on Porsche 911 fluid body design, one-piece minimalist symmetry, positive and negative eight surface effects make the body very dynamic, highlighting the speed of the sports car-like sense. Innovative screen fingerprints, AI Unicorn 970 and Leica's three lenses make it a powerful smart technology and photographic performance.

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