iOS 11.2 beta 2 changes

- Nov 28, 2017-


- Under the lock screen status, the AirPlay icon is fixed.

- Under the lock screen status, the volume control knob becomes smaller in size.

- In the Control Center, the music player AirPlay icon is no longer dimmed.

- In the control center, the volume control knob size also becomes smaller.

- The recording function can be canceled before starting.

- The recording end confirmation popup no longer appears on the recorded screen video.

- Click on the screen notification reminder, you can directly reach the video, before directly into the photo gallery.

- In the TV Automation section, a brand new HomePod icon has been added.

- The AirPods icon on the call has also been fine-tuned to make it more rounded.

- In podcasting applications, dragging the playing control bar also has animation effects.

- Camera and photo info application update these two icons.

- Applications can launch a new subscription to pay.

- The notification bug has been fixed.

- Leave the shutdown screen, a new animation.

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