iOS 11.3: Unofficial screen change iPhone 8 will become useless

- Apr 11, 2018-

According to the results of more and more feedback from users, after the iPhone 8 was upgraded to iOS 11.3 through a third-party screen change, it was actually unusable and the situation was very serious.

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In fact, before the iPhone 7 appeared this situation, and the main reason is that after a third-party screen change, the specific touch ID chip does not have a corresponding upgrade, or iOS will ban all touch input from the device.

Some other third-party maintenance sites also Tucao Apple, iPhone X if you replace the ambient light sensor or front camera will ban face ID, this behavior is undoubtedly forced users to go to Apple after-sales maintenance problems ah, after all, as much as it costs .

Again, if you use the new iPhone, it will be very troublesome if you first go to Apple after the sale.

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