IOS 11 developer beta 5 experience

- Aug 10, 2017-

Yesterday morning, Apple released the iOS 11 operating system, the fifth developer test version. These iOS 11 beta updates are mainly bug fixes and performance improvements, but we also see that Apple is still making small-scale adjustments.

A friend in their own iPhone 6s Plus upgrade to the latest beta, share their own experience. If you are still hesitant to upgrade, then, may wish to refer to the first.

1, open the App transition animation speed faster, Cat Day feel weakened, App start speed has improved;

2, Siri set up finished;

3, the overall smooth, use it more smoothly than on a beta, sliding the main screen is not cardton;

4, after testing, beta 4 out of an App immediately after the opening of another App appears icon flashing bug has been fixed;

5, the test, in the App drop down the notice center will return to the top of the App bug has been fixed;

6, the phone is still delayed, but better than the beta 4;

7, multi-tasking is very smooth, basically the same as iOS 10.3.3;

8, the notification center is still beta 4 design;

9, the battery fever has a slight improvement;

10, 3D Touch animation is still a bit out of the frame, screenshots modified button error bug did not repair.

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