iOS 11 official experience: more open but lack of innovation

- Sep 22, 2017-

With the iPhone 8 and iPhone X release, Apple finally iOS system updated to the iOS 11 version, September 20 morning, Apple officially to the majority of users pushed the official version of iOS 11. Compared to previous generations of the system, the iOS 11 in the UI layout and functionality are no small improvement, but also updated their own App Store and other applications look and feel, and add a lot of useful features.

iOS 11正式版体验:更加开放但创新不足

Now the official version of the iOS 11 finally arrived, Xiaobian is the first time in the mainframe to download and update the latest version of the iOS 11 system, need special reminders, early adopters are good, but still in the upgrade before the important documents , To avoid data loss.

As a large version of the update, iOS 11 added a lot of new features, the following we have to look at the iOS 11 which have bright spots.

The design is more focused on the use of card layout

Just update iOS 11 later, we can see a change is the font, the new version of the system a lot of fonts than the previous generation to be thicker, while some of the original icon such as setting, the clock App, the camera App's color has different degrees Of the deepening, the contrast is higher, it seems more eye-catching some.

部分图标颜色变深并加粗 iOS 11正式版体验:更加开放但创新不足

The other is the battery icon and the signal icon changes, the icon compared to iOS 10 are narrowed a lot, the signal icon from the five horizontal dots into four vertical bars, perhaps this is for the iPhone X and do the optimization of it Of course, including the phone, calculator, memo and other mobile phone native App also have varying degrees of change, the layout is more uniform.


In most system applications, we can clearly see the new design of iOS 11. Whether it is phone, SMS or e-mail applications, are at the top of the new title. At first glance, really a little WP7 phone means that this design in my opinion is more like to prepare for the iPhone X, iPhone X screen at the top of the "ears" does not look so unexpected. Also in iOS 11, DOCK bar fixed App will not show the name, it seems that Apple has the default Dock column inside the application are commonly used?

iOS 11采用大字号标题设计

The iOS 11 also made a lot of changes in function, slide the drawer-style control center, was cut into a piece of rounded rectangular card, the original use of the paging design, but also to integrate in iOS 11. After so many iterations updated, we finally saw in the iOS 11 mobile data switch, but now with the mobile phone package more and more traffic, I believe that this function we also do not have access to the bar.

iOS 11的控制中心

Of course, some people may think that the default control center features too little, then just click "Settings - Control Center - Custom Control" to increase the functionality you need.

IOS 11 in this "card" layout not only appears in the control center, the system built-in App Store, music, etc. are using a "card" layout, more uniform. Especially the App Store, compared to the previous tile show, iOS 11 App Store is a card to the user to introduce the application, this way through the text to show the application of the way more easily accepted, compared to a paragraph Cold App show, the new version of this text introduction makes people feel warm.

iOS 11的“卡片式”布局

Of course, the new version of the interactive logic and the old version is not the same. In iOS 11, the award-winning side of the 3D Touch switching application was canceled, the fingerprint is unlocked after the lock screen interface can clearly see the slide, these updates are more or less explain the Apple in the interactive logic for the new iPhone X do a lot of optimization, perhaps in the future all the iPhone will use this full-screen design of the bar.

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