iOS 11 power saving method

- Nov 28, 2017-

1, App Store update all the software.

2, find the settings - Battery - click on the battery power consumption, view the ratio and background activities in the foreground. Judge according to their own use of the decision to open some of the software permissions or uninstall. In addition: What software is obviously too high ... ... your heart did not mind what b number!

3, find the settings - General - On the machine - If you can open the application to see what 32-bit does not fit the native APP. You can click to upgrade, if the developers did not develop a new version that can only choose to uninstall.

4, find the settings - Siri & Search Spotlight index set inside a variety of procedures, do not need to turn off the index. If you do not use Spotlight you can turn it off completely.

5, find the settings - Universal - background program refresh off I do not need the background has been refreshed. Now you can choose to refresh the background only under WiFi.

6, find the settings - privacy - positioning service to change all software 'use period'. At the bottom of the 'system services' based on the location of the three closed, HomeKit can not be closed to buy, the key places can be closed, without the use of the system comes with the map can be 'product improvements' option under all shut down.

7. Find Settings - App Store & iTunes Store Close Download 'Apps' and 'Updates'.

8, drop into the notification center, left slide into the widget list. If you do not often use this list, please slide to the bottom and click 'Edit' to delete the list all. The list should be the default Refresh immediately after you slip the notification center.

9, disabled 'landlord's silly son' Siri. Or disable 'Hey Siri' alone. If you need Siri to help your everyday life, you can also go to Settings - Siri & Search will not need Siri's APP disabled to save energy.

10, in the settings - notification will be less important notice of the APP off 'on the lock screen display', 'sound', 'banner'. After all, every time the bright screen is power it.

11, in Settings - General - Auxiliary function you can choose the switch 'to reduce the dynamic effect', if you are accustomed to fade effect. (Xiaobian feel energy saving through this point may not fly, but still can save energy consumption of 1/1000)

12, in settings - account and password - to obtain new data will not need to change the function of 'manual', 'get' to hourly.

13, in the settings - iTunes Store & App Store, disable the 'video player'. Disabled in the WeChat circle of friends automatically play, in other software also disable autoplay .................. 

14, for some of the friends using wireless data plan, although the traffic can be free, but when using cellular mobile networks, the system consumes much more power than using WiFi.

15, because iOS 11 to cancel the automatic adjustment of brightness, the number of control in the control center free to adjust the brightness of the habit.

16, because the iOS 11 control center on WiFi Bluetooth is off 'disconnect the current link'. So please do not use Bluetooth users in Settings - Bluetooth completely turn off Bluetooth. By the way close AirDrop.

17, the camera power: In Settings - the camera will LivePhoto set to not be retained. Because as long as you turn on the camera, the system has been open 4K level HD camera shooting LivePhoto photos. In addition, 'scanning two-dimensional code' is also very power-hungry.

18, Uninstall GameCenter, if you can not use it. Each time when your phone starts the game GameCenter will default to start saving. Do not believe you go to the cellular mobile network to see traffic.

19, disable 'iCloud Drive' in Settings - Cellular networks, although it is not recommended. If your phone iCloud open backup more, especially open the album backup will increase a lot of energy consumption. iOS 11 can also turn off 'Album Backup' separately in Settings - Photos - Cellular Mobile Data. Disable 'talk on other devices' in Settings - Cellular networks if you do not need it.

20, do not close the background application! Never! Develop a good habit no longer slippery after starting multitasking!

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