iPhone 2018 autumn new product release live Raiders: time / location / characters / content, all here

- Sep 12, 2018-

The Apple conference will be held at 10 am on September 12th in the Pacific Summer Time, and will be converted to Beijing at 1 am on September 13.

The location is at the famous Steve Jobs Theatre, Apple's new headquarters, and this is where the iPhone X and iPhone 8 were released last year.

As for the characters, Captain Cook, Angela Allenz, who is much higher than Cook, and chief designer Jonathan, announced the cancellation of Philip Schiller, who lost 3.5mm.

So where do you see it? Apple's official website will be broadcast live globally. This time, Apple officially provides two online live broadcast platforms of Tencent Video and Iqiyi. In the early morning of September 13, the homepages of these two platforms will definitely see the entrance to the live broadcast of Apple.

apple profile.jpg

Before the press conference, there are several updates that you can look ahead.

1, the Home button bye bye, the full screen three size participation

From all indications, the iPhone has confirmed that three new mobile phones will be released, with 5.8-inch, 6.1-inch and 6.5-inch full screens.

But more importantly, all new iPhones are fully enabled to support the depth of Face ID, completely killing the Home button, two models will use OLED screen, the cheapest new iPhone still uses LCD.

2. Is the dual SIM card ready to go?double SIM.jpg

The new iPhone has been uploading a dual SIM card slot for several years. This time it is announced that it will be released for China and India. If this is the case, the era of many mobile phones that may cause headaches may really end.

3, bigger than big

Undoubtedly, the new generation of A12 processors is poised for growth. There is news that the iPhone Xs Max's RAM will be increased to 4GB, and the capacity has 64GB/256GB/512GB three storage options.

At the same time, iPhone Xs Max may get the highest-capacity battery in Apple's history, and the 3400mAh battery is paired with the PD protocol for faster charging.

4, the price is broken

Regardless of the reasons for guaranteed profit, inflation or marketing, the new iPhone is almost a hit.


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