iPhone 6S doubles sales and upgrades IOS12 is still strong and can be used for three years

- Jun 19, 2018-

iPhone6S screen size is 5.5 inches, equipped with their own research and development of the A9 processor, 2G of memory, supplemented by their own research and development of IOS9 system, iPhone6S running abnormally stable, which is the root cause of users like the iPhone. On the camera, the iPhone 6S uses a front-facing 5 million camera and a rear-mounted 12 million camera. On the battery, the battery has a built-in 1715mAH battery.

With the continuous availability of new iPhones, the iPhone 6S has become unattended and many people only use it as a backup machine. With the constant innovation of domestic mobile phones, the pressure on the iPhone 6S has doubled.

However, the release of IOS12 made the iPhone6S “blow down every spring” and glowed “second spring”. According to the iPhone 6S that has upgraded IOS12, after IOS12 is upgraded, the system is very smooth, and the power consumption is abnormal. The built-in application opening speed is also increased by more than 50%.

Reasons for double sales:

First, upgrade IOS12 system

After the iPhone6S upgrades IOS12, the system is very smooth. In exaggerated terms, there is no problem in fighting for three years, which lays the foundation for users to buy. In addition, starting with the iPhone 6S, the battery starts to use the removable mode. If the battery is damaged, you only need to replace the battery.


Second, the price

The price of the iPhone 6S has dropped to a great extent. It can be said that it has fallen into the price of “cabbage,” and it has now entered within 2,000 yuan. It is at a price with domestic low-end models. Due to the stability of the system, many users are willing to choose iPhone6S.

Third, 5G network will be commercially available

At present, the trend of commercial use of 5G networks is becoming more apparent, but many domestic mobile phones do not support 5G networks. Since domestic mobile phones are updated too quickly and the price is floating too much, many users feel comfortable buying iPhones that are more "preserved."

The warming up of the iPhone6S, in fact once again took us a lesson, the importance of soft power, domestic mobile phones should develop their own technology, rather than follow the foreign technology behind, when a senior assembler, do you think?

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