iPhone 7 is the most common iPhone model: 6/6 Plus Apple's most successful in history

- Sep 13, 2018-


From the perspective of specific models, iPhone 7 is still the most used iPhone in the market, with a share of 17.34%; iPhone 6s followed closely, accounting for 13.01; iPhone 7 Plus ranked third with 12.06%.

The iPhone X released last year ranked fourth with a 12% share. The iPhone 6, which has been released for four years, still maintains 10.57%, which is rare.


From the data point of view, the iPhone 6, 6 Plus is the most successful iPhone in history, with a historical peak share of 43.62%, far ahead; followed by iPhone SE, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, with a share of 38.12%; iPhone 6s, 6s Plus Ranked third with a peak share of 30%.

The highest proportion of iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X released last year also reached 29.26, ranking fourth.

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