iPhone 9 Black Technology

- Jul 31, 2018-

Apple mobile phone has always been the leader in the mobile phone field. This is not a virtual one. Looking at the release of every new Apple machine, Apple is giving fans a lot of surprises compared to the domestic mobile phone. After all, Apple is attentive. Develop each mobile phone. Last year, the iPhone released an iPhone X. From the market point of view, the market share is still quite high, and the response is also good. In this year, the iPhone has to release a new machine, that is, the iPhone9, this phone has been exposed. Let's take a look.

iphone 9.jpg

The performance of this phone, using the latest A12 processor, running memory is 4G, storage 64GB start, such configuration, performance is definitely no pressure. The processor will use 7nm process technology, its performance will be much improved, but its power consumption is reduced a lot. Appearance, this phone change is still quite big, last year's Liu Haiping suffered a lot of spit, was rated as "ugly", on this phone, will cancel Liu Haiping, using a full screen, the upper part has a small Border, 18:9 screen ratio design, 6.1-inch OLED touch screen. The screen and the back cover are made of glass, which is beautiful and has a smooth feel.

new iphone9.jpg

In terms of taking pictures, the front double camera is equipped with two front lenses in the upper frame, the microphone and the earpiece next to it, or the 3D face recognition, and the front double 2000 pixels, which is also considering the requirements of the self-timer. Higher and higher. The rear is also double-shot, showing vertical rows, pixels are 12 million, f / 1.7, 3 times focus, support AI shooting, will support more scenes intelligent recognition.

Black technology, support the screen fingerprint, while dustproof and waterproof, the most important thing is that the new iPhone chip will sense and start the anti-drop function, to ensure that the phone will not damage and break when falling on the ground, this is A new technology, no longer have to worry about the phone screen cracking. Every new black technology of the iPhone is still full, and it is for the sake of customers. Although the domestic mobile phone has improved a lot in technology, the configuration has been greatly improved, but compared with the iPhone, I know that there is still a big gap. I have heard that the domestic mobile phone has to surpass the apple. This time, many netizens are not calm. That means that domestic mobile phones have to give way.

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