IPhone offer 10th anniversary, you should know that

- Jul 05, 2017-

1, iPhone for ten years to help Apple's market capitalization grew nearly 10 times, as of June 28th closing time, Apple's market value has reached $760 billion 300 million, is the world's highest market value on the true meaning of the fabulously rich;

2, Apple announced 2017 Q1 earnings, when the total revenue of $78 billion 351 million in the quarter, of which revenue from iPhone reached $54 billion 378 million, accounting for nearly 70%;

3, ten years, Apple released a total of ten generations of iPhone, there are 15 iPhone products, the most popular is still the classic iPhone 4 (a mobile phone to change the smart phone industry pattern);

4, July 19, 2008, in Beijing, Sanlitun's first Apple retail store opened in Hong Kong and Macao, currently contains the domestic retail store number has reached 48 (Taiwan's first Apple retail stores will be opened in Taipei in July 1st this year, building 101);

Only in 6 countries and regions in 2007 5, the first generation iPhone launch, iPhone series of products currently has global coverage to hundreds of countries and regions;

6 and October 30, 2009, iPhone officially entered China, and now, including the Chinese mainland market, the Greater China region has become the most important market after revenue only in the United states;

There is no App Store in 2007 7, the first generation iPhone was released, and from 2008 launch date for developers has been to bring in more than $70 billion in revenue.


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