IPhone runs iOS11.2 speed contrast in the past generation, and the result is unexpected!

- Dec 13, 2017-


The tested iPhone phones are 5S, 6, 6S, SE, 7, 8, X respectively. The seven mobile phones are tested for startup time and running time of all app.

First, start time

We will start the test from iPhone 5S, then record the start time for each cell phone, and compare it with the same time.

IPhone 5S opening time: 41 seconds 20

IPhone 6 opening time: 33 seconds 33

IPhone 6S opening time: 22 seconds 43

IPhone SE opening time: 19 seconds 18

IPhone 7 opening time: 23 seconds 89

IPhone 8 opening time: 17 seconds 50

IPhone X opening time: 18 seconds 49

Two, APP running speed

7 iPhone mobile phones run on the desktop 11 app, record running time, which includes the own software as well as games, social software, video software and so on.

IPhone 5S running time: 1 minutes and 4 seconds 22

IPhone 6 running time: 59 seconds 24

IPhone 6S Runtime: 33 seconds 05

IPhone SE Runtime: 33 seconds 59

IPhone 7 running time: 29 seconds 02

IPhone 8 running time: 23 seconds 79

IPhone X Runtime: 25 seconds 77

The difference from the above app speed, iPhone SE is not so faster than iPhone 7 boot time, running time and iPhone almost 6S, while other iPhone running speed is also quite satisfactory, in order from low to high.

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