iPhone will be rear 3D perception lens, perhaps 2019 advent

- Nov 15, 2017-

The iPhone X integrates 3D-aware lenses, but currently only the TrueDepth front-facing cameras support this feature. However, the latest news shows that in 2019 Apple will be the iPhone's rear 3D sensor, dedicated to enhancing Apple's augmented reality applications and services.

iPhone将后置3D感知镜头 或2019年问世

It is understood that the sensor can emit laser light from the device, measuring the laser return time, derived depth of field information. But for now, Apple is still looking for suppliers for 3D sensing systems and evaluating them. With the addition of 3D sensors on the back of the iPhone, the iPhone can achieve 3D-sensing technology in both the front and rear by 2019, while the rear-facing 3D-sensing lens helps Apple further develop AR applications.

The ARKit platform from Apple has been able to deliver powerful augmented reality capabilities. Cook's attitude from the previous point of view, augmented reality is a very valued Apple technology. Taking these circumstances into consideration, Apple's development of the AR is by no means limited to the introduction of head-mounted devices. By combining the AR with the flagship iPhone, it gradually penetrates into the user's daily life and fully complies with Apple's product logic.

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