IPhone X disassemble analysis, double core design leads new direction

- Nov 06, 2017-

Many people believe that Apple's annual flagship really very interested in iPhone X, whether it is because what can be sold for 8000 yuan, its internal structure and what is special, following by iPhone X analysis we understand together.

The first step of iPhone X and other mobile phone dismantling is roughly the same, the bottom two screws, and then heated to around the screen using the hair dryer, the screen using sucker + crowbar to open.

Unscrew the fuselage screw of iPhone X

拧下iPhone X的机身螺丝

Heating iPhone X around the fuselage, so that the adhesive strip viscosity reduced, easy to remove

加热iPhone X机身四周,使胶条粘性降低便于拆下

Open on the left side of fuselage


In the disassembly process, it is better to disassemble from the left side of the screen, because most of the cables are integrated on the right side of the screen.

The iPhone X screen was opened

iPhone X屏幕被拆开

After the screen line is separated from the motherboard, the iPhone X screen can be taken out.

Disconnect the screen from the connector between the motherboard and the screen


iPhone X拆机解析 双电芯设计引领新方向


The iPhone X is out of the ordinary at the top of the screen the original camera deeply, then we can see that the original was the camera and the motherboard is connected through a plurality of cable element, infrared lens, inside the front camera of different connection through different cable, final integration.

拆除iPhone X的“刘海”——原深感摄像头

iPhone X“刘海”的内部结构


Under the screen, apple proud Taptic Engine still stay in that familiar position. From the era of iPhone 7, apple canceled 3.5mm headset interface, the structure of the past iPhone products basically did not change much.

Taptic Engine

To disassemble the battery, iPhone X battery can be said to be the largest component of the internal changes, this time iPhone X using a dual battery series design, similar to the MacBook on the top of the multi battery series structure.

iPhone X采用双电芯(串联)

Although there is battery glue on the battery, only the upper part can be torn off, and the lower battery can only be heated and disassembled by pry plate.

iPhone X采用双电芯设计

iPhone X采用双电芯(串联)

Now most of the above X iPhone module has been removed, the next step is to remove the iPhone X side of the power, volume keys, dual camera etc..

拆除iPhone X无线充电线圈

The iPhone 8 and iPhone X are equipped with wireless charging module, and the wireless charging coil is below the battery. Dismantling this place requires the use of a hair dryer to melt the glue around the coil and facilitate disassembly.

iPhone X拆机解析 双电芯设计引领新方向

拆除iPhone X无线充电线圈


Post iPhone X on a different place is vertical double camera. After dismantling, found that iPhone X two camera size is not completely consistent. The bottom of the camera is a dual color temperature flash element, and you can see the waterproof apron after removing it.

拆除iPhone X的双摄模组

iPhone X闪关灯处有防水胶圈

iPhone X双摄模组

iPhone X主板(双层主板设计)

IPhone X has been dismantled and we have looked at the family photo after the dismantling.

iPhone X拆机全家福


The most unique structure of iPhone X is the design of double core and double deck motherboard, which also helps apple to hold a large battery in such a compact interior space. In addition, although iPhone X is Apple's first mobile phone with the original camera, but this special camera does not occupy a larger body space. Maybe in the future, this particular camera will be getting smaller and smaller, so we'll see a more perfect screen, a higher proportion of iPhone.

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