iPhone X sold 6 million units during Black Friday weekend

- Nov 29, 2017-

Black Friday just passed, some analysts began to disclose the latest iPhone X sales. According to foreign media reports, Rosenblatt analyst Jun Zhang said that iPhone X production capacity has risen to 3 million units per week in December will be further increased to 4 million units per week, which will further increase the iPhone's average selling price.

分析师:黑五周末iPhone X卖出600万台

The analyst also believes that iPhone X has so far sold 15 million units, including Black Friday weekend sales of 6 million units. As the demand for 256GB version is double that of the 64GB version, it will be very beneficial to the average selling price of iPhone and gross profit.

Rosenblatt said iPhone X shipments in December will reach 30 million units, up from 27 to 28 million previously forecast. As for the first quarter of next year, due to seasonal impact, iPhone X shipments from 45 million units to 40 million units, less than previously expected 500 million units.

It is reported that the current iPhone X versions of the delivery time is 1-2 weeks, the user demand is still strong.

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