iPhone X system update to iOS 11.1.1 has no change

- Nov 10, 2017-

Apple officially released iOS 11.1.1, this version is only a very small version of the update for iPhone users.

iPhone X系统更新至iOS 11.1.1 没啥变化

The iOS 11.1.1 contains the iPhone and iPad bug fixes, which automatically correct the keyboard related issues I personally met, probably for the letter i will be automatically corrected by the system for the A state. However, on the other hand, some issues concerning the iPhone X have not been fixed in the firmware, such as excessive power consumption and loud and sudden sound.

From the official release of iOS 11 so far, tons of questions and complaints about power consumption in major forums, the power consumption of the new system is too fast, the situation has gradually become the user Tucao focus, but Apple follow-up on iOS 11 This aspect has not been improved in the updated version. The iPhone X in the market after more or less encountered some problems, including not only third-party application adaptation, the system also affects a variety of small BUG extremely affect the user experience.

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