iPhone XS Max selling point +1: The speaker is unexpectedly good!

- Oct 09, 2018-

Yes, it is the speaker performance on the iPhone XS Max. This year, Apple upgraded the speaker system of the mobile phone to provide a stereo distinguishing function. It may be nothing in the literal sense, but the actual feeling will be quite good.

Iphone Xs max.jpg

The foreign media AppleInsider measured the speakers of the iPhone XS Max, and they found that the effect was really good.

The whole test process is very simple, of course, it is more inclined to everyone's daily use needs, iPhone XS Max and Note 9 placed side by side, then the hanging microphone placed on both, and then music, game play and so on.

Iphone Xs max2.jpg

During playback, Note 9 turns on Dolby Atmos sound by default, while iPhone XS Max does not have any sound effects. The result is that iPhone XS Max sounds more layered when playing music, such as high frequency and brighter, lower frequency is more shocking. Note 9 Even if there is sound effect, it sounds very dull, and this external advantage makes the iPhone XS Max more obvious in the game experience.

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