It's all for you! Apple admits to deliberately let iPhone slow

- Dec 22, 2017-

Many old fans have this feeling, after each iPhone to upgrade the new system, the total mobile phone card becomes slow feeling, a lot of people think that the new system is too expensive. Last week, however, foreign friends posted on Reddit, and there was evidence that it was an apple 's deliberate practice to slow the old machines, and the news quickly spread around the world. Foreign run by Geekbench founder John Poole also personally run the test proved correct!


According to the plot, the apple will soon come out to refute the rumor. However, there was no idea that apple made a special statement for it! "That's what we do. To protect the battery and protect the hardware of the mobile phone, what's the relationship with CPU!" In this regard, Apple fans did not appreciate, do not give at least Apple user's right to know, to allow users to think that mobile phone is out of date, or endure, or to buy the new iPhone.


Take iPhone 6 as an example, the CPU main frequency of cell loss of battery is reduced to 600MHz, and the new battery is changed to 1400MHz! This performance gap is more than doubled, and it's just like two mobile phones. Google, the old rival, also gave up the knife in real time, and pulled out the search data of "Slow iPhone" over the years. Almost every time when the new iPhone was released, the data showed a peak value, which made people think carefully.

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