Last Crazy? Apple Secretly Push Red iPhone8

- Mar 26, 2018-

Friends who have followed Apple should all know that Apple launched the Chinese Red version for the iPhone 7 last year. This version was widely praised by the Chinese people. For this series of color-specific iPhones, will Apple launch this year as usual? According to Steve Hemmerstoffer (@OnLeaks), a digital newsmaker from abroad, the new red iPhone is being prepared.

最后的疯狂? 苹果"密谋"推红色iPhone 8

@OnLeaks specifically pointed out that the news came from a third-party source, and the new red iPhone(s) is already being prepared, which means that it may have more than one red iPhone, and an apple logo with a red background under the text.

Because Apple had been planning to launch the "Iridium Red" Apple iPhone X, the red version may not be compatible with the iPhone X, and the iPhone 8 has been suppressed by the iPhone X, so do not rule out Apple's intention to use the red version of the Chinese people to enhance iPhone 8 sales.

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