let us tell you something about charging your mobile!

- Jun 22, 2017-

Charging mobile phones is what we have to do every day, and sometimes even charge two or three times, but we all know that the mobile phone charging errors? 90% people do not know it?! Come and have a look!



Please use the original charger plug:http://www.birliksz.com/oroginal-phone-charger/charger-for-apple-macbook/original-60w-power-adapter-charger-a1344-for.html

Although the charger can sometimes mix with, but non original more or less will cause harm to mobile phone batteries, so when charging, please use the original charger!


Did you choose the correct charging cable?



The charging line is in the same way, the best selection of the original charging cable, but also do a good job in a few long mark like charging line, so as not to confuse.


Charge times


There is a saying: each cell phone battery has a fixed number of charging, if the charge is too much, it will speed up the battery aging, strain degree! In fact, this is wrong, charge frequency without deliberately limiting.


Does the new phone need to be activated?


Some people say that the new cell phone needs to be recharged and recharged, and it needs to be operated 3-4 times, which is called activation. Previous mobile phones need to do so, but now the lithium battery is no longer needed!


Does the first charge take a long time?blob.png

The first charge does not need what must be full of 12 hours, this is the old battery needs to be done, now the battery is basically a lithium battery or lithium polymer batteries, the first charge just as usual charge as you can!


Play while charging


If the conditions permit, it is best to switch off when charging, which is the best maintenance of the battery. Play while charging the mobile phone, generally no problem, but it is not recommended.


Charging, wearing protective covers?blob.png


In order to protect mobile phones, many people choose to wear protective covers for mobile phones! But we do not know that lithium batteries are afraid of heat, heating when charging, so it is best to remove the cell phone sets and recharge.

Also remind everyone, from time to time to the phone to restart, because a long time to run the mobile phone, the phone will become very card, and timely restart of the phone, you can reduce the pressure on the phone, and extend the service life!

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