LG G7 release was postponed, frankly not afraid of Samsung S9 first

- Jan 11, 2018-

As a veteran maker of LG mobile phones, in recent years live is not good. Introduced a modular mobile phone, bleak sales; launched a full screen mobile phone, was robbed by Samsung. The final G6 simply decided not to go public in China, abandoned the world's largest market. Prior to the news that LG will be released in this CES G7 phone, it now seems likely to have bounced.

LG G7渲染图

LG next-generation flagship G7 may be equipped with Snapdragon 835 processor, compared to the Samsung Snapdragon 845 and a section behind. The insider said, LG G7 will be equipped with 6GB of memory, using its own OLED full screen, is expected to be officially unveiled around mid-March, on sale in April. Asked about its competition with Samsung, Hwang Jung-hwan, head of LG's mobile communications business, said: "We will not be concerned about the Samsung Galaxy S9 being released ahead of MWC because we are differentiated by the LG G7 and will be different Highlights. "

LG G7发布被推迟 坦言不怕三星S9抢先

So it seems, LG G7 will be postponed release, and equipped with Snapdragon 835 chip and behind Samsung once. LG do not know what the big move, the face of strong Samsung, LG can turn the tide, let us wait and see!

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