Lithium greater market is the power battery

- Feb 18, 2017-

Lithium-ion battery because of its use of the material is not pollution-type gold, the production of environmentally friendly non-polluting batteries. And because of its large energy, the cycle effect is good, no memory effect and other advantages. Development has been widely used. It can be said that lithium battery is pregnant with an energy application "revolution".

In recent years, lithium battery applications include consumer electronics, power batteries, energy storage batteries three areas. Consumer electronics is the mainstream market, and energy storage market technology is not mature. On the current look at the future of lithium battery in the power battery. Because of its environmental characteristics, electric bicycles as the first choice for power batteries, the government's great support, and now all around the promulgation of the ban, began to ban "over the standard car." This is the development of lithium battery has added a pen.

Lithium battery in the small and medium-sized system power market (electric bike) will defeat the lead-acid battery, lithium battery replacement lead-acid battery speed depends on the cost of lithium battery decline, the last 10 years is expected to complete this process. These markets are not technically sensitive, but cost.

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