LogitechG PRO Headphones Released: Built for esports

- Mar 29, 2018-

On March 29th, Logitech released a new headset, the G PRO, as a gaming headset that is designed for professional gaming players and amateurs. G PRO Headphones join Logitech's own "Pro-G Driver". When users play the game, this program can provide highly detailed sound insulation. Through the combination of directional audio and superior clarity, it will be clearer to recognize the sound in the game.

PRO Headphones.jpg

It is worth mentioning that the Logitech G PRO headset microphone is disassembled, and users can use it like ordinary headphones if they do not play games. In addition, G PRO provides an artificial suede leather ear cushion in the earmuffs, which makes the user more comfortable to wear the headphones. Compared with the ear pads, the soundproof effect is improved by 50%, and the sound quality is improved. volume. In addition, the G PRO headset is equipped with a professional "pop-up filter" and noise reduction microphone, which can provide users with better sound capture and lower signal to noise ratio. It can bring you a good experience in the game. .

PRO Headphones.jpg

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