Maintenance and maintenance of mobile phones

- Jun 28, 2017-

Maintenance and maintenance of mobile phones

-->> the following advice to help you follow the maintenance clause, the mobile phone can be used for many years. When using cell phones, batteries, chargers, or accessories:

1. place mobile phones and their parts and accessories where children can't touch them.

2. keep your phone dry. Rain, moisture, and liquids contain minerals that corrode electronic circuit boards.

3. do not use or store mobile phones in dusty or unclean places, which may damage their removable parts.

4. don't store your cell phone in an overheated place. High temperatures shorten the life of electronic devices, destroy batteries, and deform or melt plastic parts.

5. don't keep your cell phone in a cold place. When the phone temperature increases, the phone will form moisture, will destroy the circuit board.

6. don't try to disconnect your cell phone. Non professional mobile phone processing will damage the phone.

7. don't throw, tap, or vibrate your cell phone. Rough handling of a cell phone can damage an internal circuit board.

8. do not use strong chemicals, cleaning agents, or strong detergent cleaning mobile phones.

9. if the cell phone or any of its components does not work properly, take it to the nearest qualified maintenance organization for maintenance.

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