Meizu real wireless headset design leak: TWS wireless Bluetooth + wireless charging

- Apr 11, 2018-

Audio blogger @ I love audio network on the microblogging exposure Meizu headset new design, said it is a true wireless headset: TWS true wireless Bluetooth + wireless charging. 1, support TWS true wireless Bluetooth. 2, support for wireless charging. 3, the front is open, the back is the same as the AirPods button, the top is glossy, the bottom has a USB-C interface.


You can see Meizu headphones look similar to the Apple AirPods, but also the structure of the charging storage box + headphones, but Meizu this storage box looks more fat and more adorable. Apple AirPods support for wireless charging of the new earphone box has not been released to the market, did not expect Meizu to be made in advance. Therefore, the Meizu headphones can be charged by wireless charging, and can also be charged through the USB-C at the bottom of the storage box.

Another great place for this headset is: TWS. TWS stands for True Wireless Stereo, which is truly wireless stereo. Currently, only a few manufacturers such as Apple can implement this technology. It technically refers to the mobile phone through the connection of the main speaker, and then by the main speaker through the Bluetooth wireless connection from the speaker, to achieve true Bluetooth wireless channel left and right separation. When the subwoofer is not connected, the main speaker returns to monaural sound quality. TWS technology has been applied to the field of Bluetooth headsets, and therefore has also spawned a new product: the TWS Bluetooth headset. In simple terms, the left and right earbuds of a TWS headset can work independently without a cable connection. Its benefits are: true wireless architecture, completely abandon the wired troubles, but also as a machine for two machines.

Apple AirPods headset experience is very good, but the price of 1k+ makes many people dare not flatter. It is not surprising that Meizu can make this headset. After all, it is a MP3 player. In short, charging head network as a charge blogger, would like to know how the Meizu headset wireless charging experience in the end, of course, its sound quality and price is also very worth the wait. As for the release date, Meizu will release its new flagship Meizu 15 mobile phone on April 22, and this headset is expected to debut at the same time.

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