Millet 7 looks like this? Non-chin bang screen + fingerprint under screen

- Apr 09, 2018-

This year's Xiaomi 7 came later than in previous years. Millet MIX 2S was released ahead of schedule by the end of March and it was surprising. Millet digital series has not yet launched a full-screen mobile phone, in the design is even more a mystery. If Xiaomi 7 is similar in appearance to other Liu Haiping mobile phones, rice flour will certainly not be accepted; if it is the same as the full screen of Red Rice 5, it is obviously a bit outdated; if it is the same as Xiaomi MIX series, how MIX 2S will be sold!

Here, some friends will ask, does Xiaomi 7 have to make a full screen borderless mobile phone with 100% screen share? Obviously, Xiaomi still dared not do such an advance. From the latest flow of the millet 7 concept map, Xiaomi 7 will use Liu Haiping design. Unlike other Liu Haiping phones, it is likely to be the same as the iPhone X. Without a chin, it will undoubtedly be even more stunning.


The fingerprint recognition program of Xiaomi 7, a few days ago Lei Jun has been determined on Weibo, Xiaomi 7 will use the fingerprint identification design under the screen, what pre-fingerprints, side fingerprints, posterior fingerprints and other compromises are all abandoned! At the same time, in order to make way for the wireless charging module, the back camera of Xiaomi 7 is still likely to be a vertical double camera. Configuration, the Snapdragon 845+8GB+256GB top allocation is also OK.

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