Millet 7 release time exposure: Shenzhen has a big surprise at the end of May

- May 07, 2018-

The Xiaolong 845 mobile platform is the target of this year's Android mobile phone manufacturers. Whoever can quickly launch related products can take the initiative in the market. With Xiaolong 845 models, such as one plus 6 and nut R1, will soon be released, Xiaomi's next Xiaolong 845 model, Xiaomi 7, will also follow. According to a number of digital bloggers on Weibo, Xiaomi 7 will debut in Shenzhen at the end of May!


Recently, a number of digital bloggers broke the news on Weibo, @i ice universe said: Xiaomi 7 released at the end of this month. Another blogger, Kumamoto Technology, stated that Xiaomi 7 will hold a conference in Shenzhen, and will release the bracelet 3 at the time, which will be visually released as One More Thing. It seems that the time and place of the launch of Xiaomi 7 should be no suspense. And at this conference, the millet bracelet that has not been updated for a long time will also usher in a new generation of products. In view of millet technology CEO Lei Jun has intentionally or unintentionally sunburned the millet bracelet 3 on all occasions during this time, the news should be more reliable.


Comprehensive information currently available, Xiaomi 7 will carry Xiaolong 845 mobile platform, equipped with more than 6GB of storage. Using Liu Haiping's design, adding 3D structured light face recognition function similar to iPhone X, Lei Jun personally disclosed that Xiaomi 7 will have fingerprint technology under the screen. If the above news is true, the attractiveness of Xiaomi 7 is still quite sufficient, so wait for the price.

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