Millet 8 Front Panel Exposure: Structure Light Liu Hai/Keep Chin

- May 18, 2018-

With the exposure of multiple channels, we have basically determined that Xiaomi will launch the new flagship machine Xiaomi 8 this month. Now it is getting closer to the press conference. The news about this new machine has also gradually increased, for example, recently. Some netizens exposed the front panel glass of Xiaomi 8, and it can be seen that Xiaomi 8's “bangs” is still more complicated than other mobile phones.


According to the exposure of the picture, Liu Haiping Xiaomi 8 seems to use the same design with the iPhone X, perhaps this represents the millet 8 will have a more secure 3D face unlocking function, may be the millet 8 will soon become the first use of 3D structure Light Android phone.


In addition, the bottom of the millet 8 will retain the design of the "chin." Although this is a bit regrettable, but I believe that with the advancement of science and technology, this "chin" will become narrower and narrower until it disappears. But for now, this design should be the most reasonable.

It is reported that Xiaomi will hold a new product conference on May 31. Apart from seeing Xiaomi 8, we will also see a variety of new products. We believe that as the conference approaches, we will get more information about this. Millet 8 information, so stay tuned.

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