Mobile phone can not be in pocket: Charging port face up or down?

- Dec 25, 2017-

It is reported that this is due to the incorrect way of placing the phone in the pocket of the trousers. According to maintenance master, if you want to put the phone directly on the pants pocket, you should put the charging port up to go. That is why? Below for a detailed analysis of everyone.

First of all, pants are generally more "dirty" in their pockets, and there is some dirt or fur accumulated in their pockets, and if we put the phone in our pockets and rub it, the dust and fur will easily go to the phone Charging port, the charging port may be blocked for a long time, resulting in poor charging contacts.

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So sometimes we will find that our mobile phone charging speed becomes very slow or can not be charged, there is no problem checking the charger, which may be caused by too much dirty things in the phone charging port. In this case, we can try to use toothpicks and other items to dig out a dirty dig out, or mouth blowing.

There is also a more dangerous situation is that some people who often come into contact with metal scrap, if you often have the phone charging port down in the pants pocket, may cause the phone short circuit, dangerous.

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When you select the phone case, you can choose some phone case with dust plug, or you can also buy a separate dust plug. Of course, if you suspect these troubles, then every time you put a cell phone into your pants pocket, or pay attention to try to avoid the charging port down.

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