New iPhone accessory! Apple new equipment exposure: convenient to no friends!

- Sep 13, 2017-

Yes, iOS 11 GM version of the information suggests that Apple may be at 1:00 on September 13 at the press conference, bringing the new AirPods 2, some people are confused, this product has been on the market after the supply of tension, And until yesterday its supply has been a substantial improvement.


Some people are pleased that even if you buy the first generation of AirPods 2 also do not have to be too depressed, because the new headphones in appearance with the previous generation is no different, Apple made a fine adjustment is that the charge indicator was moved to the charging box external.

In fact, this adjustment is quite convenient, to know the current AirPods charge indicator is placed inside the box, if you from the charge when you want to see the progress of electricity, more inconvenient, and now it may be much easier.



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