New iPhone X is expected to be released in September

- Jun 21, 2018-

Is it someone who deliberately took us, especially the person who broke the news, after many consumers have been sure that there will be a new iPhone SE2 release, all due to the statement issued by the accessory manufacturer Olixar, because Olixar has disclosed the iPhone X, Samsung S8, S9 related information, and all true machine is correct. So there are so many consumers believe. According to the latest information released by Olixar, half of the previous information is correct, and there are indeed new machines that look the same as the iPhone SE2, but are named as others.

iphone SE2.jpg

According to the latest news and previous information, this year's Apple will release three iPhone X phones in September, which have already identified the basic configuration and technology of the three phones. One of the most concerned about is the "cheap version" of the iPhone X, from the exposure of the picture, the aircraft is likely to be the iPhone SE2 mobile phone previously popular. Because of their configuration and related technologies.

It is reported that the "cheap version" of the iPhone X mobile phone will carry an Apple A11 processor, its operating memory is 3GB, storage memory is 64GB/128GB/256GB. The aircraft will be equipped with a 6.1-inch LCD screen, according to South Korean media reports, this year's LCD screen will be provided to Apple's LG company, the company's MLCD screen will replace the costly Samsung OLED screen, thereby reducing The "cheap version" of iPhone X costs. The aircraft processor configuration, the screen and the other two are not the same, the camera behind it is not the same, continue, the other two will carry a rear dual camera, and the "cheap version" iPhone X will be a single rear camera.


Not only from the configuration point of view, the "cheap version" iPhone X and the previously announced iPhone SE2 is basically the same, the only difference is that the screen size is not the same. In addition, the "cheap version" of iPhone X will be different in technology, although the opportunity to carry Face ID technology, but it will give up 3D Touch features. And according to a previous veteran estimate, the "cheap version" of the iPhone X should be priced at 4,999 yuan, in fact, and the price of the iPhone SE2 has been about the same.

Now no matter what the name of the aircraft, it is certain that the aircraft's configuration and technology are not as good as the iPhone X mobile phone released last year, which also confirmed the price of the aircraft, Apple will not release a configuration higher than the previous generation Products, but the price is very low. So as long as the configuration, hardware and technology are shrinking products, the price can be so low, as the only highlight of the aircraft is specifically designed for Asians dual card dual standby. Do not know how do you see this phone?

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