No Curve of the Samsung S8? Low version of the full visual surface with the screen

- Dec 04, 2017-

Samsung, as an internationally renowned manufacturer, has the absolute right to speak in the manufacture of many key raw materials. The screen has always been a big advantage of Samsung, since the screen was developed after the screen, Samsung's attainments in the screen began to shine fever. S8 equipped with full-color curved screen is an evolution, full design without borders, so many people dumped.

Galaxy A8+(2018)

As we all know, every year Samsung's flagship model will be decentralized to the mid-range models. Recently online exposure of a group suspected of Samsung's new Galaxy A8 + (2018) real machine map. From the outside, the Galaxy A8 + (2018) also features a full-color curved screen similar to the S8, but more like a less "curved" version, with the border looking slightly thicker.

Galaxy A8+(2018)

As for the back of the aircraft design, we can see the fingerprint recognition area is placed under the single camera, this design should greatly improve ease of use. Configuration, it is reported that Galaxy A8 + will be equipped with Xiaolong 660 or Exynos 7 level chip, up to 6GB of memory, single camera may be 12 million pixels. Do not know whether such a mobile phone in the highly competitive domestic market come to the fore?

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