Nokia X new machine released on May 16: real machine first onlookers

- Apr 28, 2018-

The overall screen design has been popular from last year to this year, and the mainstream design has begun to change. Most high-end models have begun to use Liu Haiping. Now, Nokia's first Liu Haiping phone is coming. From April 27th, Nokia held an event to unveil new Nokia X in Sanlitun and displayed the new Nokia X mobile phone in advance. Then Nokia’s official Weibo official announced that Nokia X will be officially released on May 16.


At present, official and folk have released information such as Nokia X renderings and real machine maps. The machine uses Liu Haiping design, the left and right border is narrow, the bottom of the screen to retain the border, the border printed with the NOKIA brand logo, and the domestic Liu Haiping phone is like. The back of the phone is made of glass and is equipped with vertical ZEISS certified dual camera lenses. The following are flash and circular fingerprint identification keys.

网传诺基亚X真机 诺基亚X新机5月16日发布 真机抢先围观

Configuration, Nokia X positioning in the mid-range market, the aircraft equipped with a 5.8-inch 19:9 ratio display, equipped with Xiao Long 636 processor, supplemented by 6GB storage, while MediaTek P60 + 4GB shipped version, two All phones carry Android 8.0 system. At the price, the Xiaolong 636 and MediaTek P60 versions are priced at 1800 yuan and 1,600 yuan respectively, and are in the same price range as the models such as Charm Blue E3 and Xiaomi 6X.

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