Note8 sells well in South Korea, may break10 million units this year

- Oct 20, 2017-

According to reports, Samsung Note8 after booking a record breaking, after several weeks of listing still maintain strong sales momentum. Data show that, 64GB Samsung Note8 is the best selling mobile phones in Korea, in October second weeks, its share of 28.3%, if plus 256GB version, Samsung Note8 will be higher.


ATLAS research advisory said that in the South Korean home reservations at the beginning of 850 thousand sets, Samsung in the fourth week of September, still sold 2~3 million Note8 mobile phones every day. In October, Samsung Note8 sold more than 10 thousand units per day in South korea. Insiders said that these figures are similar to those of Samsung S8 in the first half of this year.

Samsung Electronics expects Note8 to break through 10 million units at the end of 2017, according to Strategy Analytics, an industry research firm. In the Korean market, Samsung Note8 has a great advantage, do not know at the beginning of the November iPhone X market will cause great impact on it? Samsung Note8 and iPhone X are two popular full screen flagship. Who else will you choose?

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