On the iPhone to buy and sell: 256G is the best

- Mar 26, 2018-

Since the development of smart phones, both hardware and functionality have greatly improved. If you need a better experience, solid hardware is a must. You will find that more and more applications are installed in mobile phones, and the volume of songs, photos, and videos that are stored is getting larger and larger. This makes it imperative for ROM to be upgraded.

The average iPhone usage time is 2-3 years, and 16G and 32G ROMs have been difficult to satisfy users' use in such a long time. In order to guarantee the experience, Apple only released two versions of 64G and 256G. 64G is enough for entry-level users, and 256G can easily meet heavy users.


In fact, from this year's Android camp has also ushered in an upgrade, such as OPPO R15, vivo X21 and other new machine standard version uses a combination of 6G RAM + 128G ROM, which is taking into account the needs of future mobile phone use. It is not difficult to guess that this year Apple will further eliminate 32G ROM mobile phones, while the Android camp will usher in the era of 6G+64G or even 128G.

From a long-term use point of view, the 256G ROM iPhone is undoubtedly more cost-effective, it can better meet your needs for storage, but also can extend the use of mobile phones.

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