OPPO Find X is on sale today: 47 seconds to break the million stores hot

- Jul 17, 2018-

At the first sales scene under the online market, many fans came to the OPPO store early in the morning to queue up. After the first sale began, the crowds of the store were surging, fans and users were very enthusiastic, and many of the first-time stores had announced Find X new. The machine is temporarily sold out.

oppo find x.jpg

The online channel Find X also performed equally well, winning the major championships and breaking many records. According to the officially released battle report, OPPO Find X sold tens of thousands of units in Jingdong's first 47 seconds, and the OPPO Jingdong brand ceremony exceeded 15 billion yuan in sales in 15 minutes.

OPPO findX.jpg

 Find X sold for two hours and won the double-price champion of sales and sales of Android mobile phone products at full price. On the Tmall platform, Find X also won the double-selling of sales and sales of mobile phone products at full price.

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On the Internet, users who snapped up to Find X also liked Pudeng. Not only did they post praises in Guanwei, but they also released out-of-the-box images and comments, and expressed their great expectation for the upcoming Find X high-end version.

find x.jpg

At present, the online and offline channels Find X have been sold out. According to reliable sources, the amount of Find X reservations has exceeded the capacity forecast for this month. Therefore, there is a possibility that there will be a certain shortage of stocks after the follow-up, but there is no purchase. Little friends don’t have to worry about it at all.

Shen Yiren, assistant vice president of OPPO, said earlier that due to OPPO's stringent requirements for the Find X process, the production capacity of Find X may be affected at the initial stage of the market. Although the production capacity of Find X is limited in July, it will be available in August. solve.

From the hot state of the first sale today, Find X will undoubtedly become another flagship mobile phone of OPPO, which reflects the enthusiastic enthusiasm of fans and reflects the recognition and recognition of Find X by consumers. I believe that in the following time, OPPO Find X will achieve even better results.

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