OPPO official announced May 19 conference: what is new red and blue

- May 02, 2018-

Since ancient times, a red and blue out of CP, mobile phone ring understanding of this sentence may not be deeper, like glory, Huawei and millet and other mobile phone brands have introduced red and blue color models. Now, OPPO will also join this camp. This afternoon, the OPPO official announced that it will hold a red and blue music festival on May 19 and release new products at the same time.


The OPPO Red and Blue Music Festival is located in Shanghai Shendi Guangming Ecological Park International Music Village, and the specific time is from 2pm to 9pm. There will be a new product launch before 3:20 to 4 pm before the festival. The official model has not been revealed.


As we all know, OPPO had a tradition of launching customized products for the R series models. At present, R15 is in hot sales, and OPPO is likely to push a custom model for the machine to get continuous heat. According to the word "red and blue" and the precedent of cooperation between OPPO and Barcelona Club, this new product is most likely to be the R15 Barcelona customized version. According to this conference, the conference was held in conjunction with the music festival. The importance of the product is not high. The possibility of a customized version is even greater.

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