OPPO R9s won the first domestic sales in 2017: beat the iPhone7P

- Jan 16, 2018-

Throughout 2017, OPPO R9s gains sales first, won the market share of 3.0%, iPhone 7 Plus, vivo X9 divided into two or three.

china market.jpg

4 to 10 are OPPO A57, iPhone 7, OPPO R11, vivo Y66, Glory 8 Youth Edition, Red Rice Note 4X and glory play 6X. Counterpoint said the top 10 of the 10 models sold more than 1 million units a month.

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OPPO R9s is a model released in October 2016, the main high-value design and 16 million before and after the camera, until June last year before the release of the new machine R11, has been a very good market performance of the explosion models.

iphone X.jpg

From the brand distribution point of view, OPPO up to three models into the list, vivo, Apple and Huawei have two models list, millet has a model list. Apple became the only brand in the list except for domestic mobile phones, and iPhone 7/7 Plus is also the only high-end products in the list of more than 4,000 yuan.

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