Part Two:An introduction to Samsung Gear IconX

- Mar 06, 2018-

Classic rounded design

As the 3.5mm headphone holes in the smartphone are gradually removed, the Bluetooth headset has become 

a new choice for many people. At present, the most common Bluetooth headset can be divided into three 

types: head mounted Bluetooth headset (SONY MDR-1000X, Beats Solo 3, etc.), neck mounted Bluetooth 

headset (SONY WI-1000X, Beats X, etc.), and apple Bluetooth, Samsung Gear IconX split Bluetooth headset.


Compared to the above two Bluetooth headsets, the split type Bluetooth headset is sold at a relatively high 

price. Because the demand for the signal is very high, if the two headphone signals are not synchronized, 

then the sound quality can not be guaranteed. At present, apart from the AirPods of the apple, there are a 

variety of small problems in the connection and sound quality, except for the apple. But actually, the 

performance of Samsung Gear IconX is satisfactory, the signal transmission on both sides is stable, and there 

is no any asynchrony in use.

三星Gear IconX

In appearance, the new generation Samsung Gear IconX uses the same rounded design and touch control as 

the previous generation products. Although the battery is upgraded from 47mAh to 82mAh, the weight and 

size of the earphone are not changed significantly. The headphones are increased from 6.3g to 8g, but they 

are still small and comfortable to wear. Samsung Gear IconX uses the ear design is very common, exposed in 

the ear part is not much, there is a silicone ear headset wing above, even in the state of motion also need not worry.

三星Gear IconX采用入耳式设计

Due to the use of ear design, a new generation of Samsung Gear IconX will also smaller than Apple's AirPods. But because of the split design, In-Ear Earphones common stethoscope effect "does not appear essential. Of course, Samsung also attached a number of different sizes of earplugs to the user's ear channel size. If you think it's a little swollen with a small number of earplugs, you can solve this problem.

Touch manipulation experience is more unique:

The biggest pain points of the split Bluetooth headset are focused on the "control". Because the split 

Bluetooth headset doesn't have enough space to place buttons, like the head mounted or the neck mounted 

Bluetooth earphone, most operations need to be done on the earphone. Apple has a motion acceleration 

sensor built on the AirPods, which cuts the song and exhale Siri by perceiving the operation of the 

headphones. The new generation of Samsung Gear IconX is obviously stronger in this regard. The back of its 

earphone is a touch control module, which can achieve more complex operations by clicking, long pressing or sliding.


The touch operation of Samsung Gear IconX is still very good. It can not only play and switch music by clicking, but also adjust the volume by sliding up and down. And after the operation, there is a corresponding voice prompt to avoid operation error.

三星Gear IconX体验 苹果AirPods新对手

In addition, Samsung Gear IconX has the same light sensor as AirPods. When you put on the headset, there will be a sound in the headset, which represents the success of the earphone. When you take off the headset, the corresponding headset also closes the music, without any effect on the side of the headset. But after wearing the headphones, the music doesn't continue to play, so in this respect, Samsung Gear IconX has some room for promotion.

What is the actual use experience?

The continuation of the Bluetooth headset has been the most noteworthy problem in the actual experience. Samsung has officially declared that Gear IconX can be used for 7 hours in an independent mode, and Bluetooth playback can be used for 5 hours in a row. After my practical experience, commuting time of commuting for 1.5 hours plus working occasionally can probably consume half of the electricity. It can be said that the new generation of Gear IconX has made many progress in the long run.

三星Gear IconX


Of course, a new generation of Gear IconX upgrade is part of the headset itself, the charging box battery capacity has also been enhanced, 340mAh battery capacity, headset can guarantee to charge three to four times, that is to say the headset with a box full of electricity, simple to use for a week is not much problem, this life compared to the previous generation can be said to have a great promotion.

三星Gear IconX体验 苹果AirPods新对手

People want to carry on the movement, the Samsung Gear IconX can be said to carry out the "traveling light" to the extreme. The interior of a Samsung Gear IconX headset has multiple sensors. When the headset monitors you in motion, it automatically records the time and distance of the movement. The movement process can also press the headset side start built-in motion guidance function, real time to remind you of the activity process, through the Bixby voice running speed, if you have a Samsung mobile phone, S will also be health applications and mobile phone headset on the synchronized monitoring exercise process, make your exercise experience better.

三星Gear IconX体验 苹果AirPods新对手

What exactly is the sound quality?

Since Gear IconX is a Bluetooth headset used to locate daily and sports scenes, the tone of this headset is more inclined to low frequency. In the play "Stir Fry" this kind of rap, low frequency elastic drums full, very nice and naiting. In the "1000 China brigade of hyperplastic youth", or "angel devil" this bias in the high frequency in the song, Gear IconX's performance is slightly dull, whether it is a string or voice "white boiling water" feeling, and not much difference AirPods.

Gear IconX



The new generation of Samsung's Gear IconX has made me feel more like making up for the inadequacy of the previous generation. Its performance in sound quality is satisfactory, and for a split Bluetooth headset, the audio delay is not seen on this headset. If you want to buy it in a commuter or sports scene, the performance of Samsung Gear IconX will not disappoint you.

三星Gear IconX体验 苹果AirPods新对手

Many users believe that AirPods is the most worth buying split Bluetooth headset. But the emergence of a new generation of Samsung Gear IconX shows us that there are many other excellent Bluetooth headphones in addition to AirPods. We are very willing to see that many products on the market are competing on the same stage, so that we can promote the progress of the whole industry, and the vast majority of consumers can buy more and better products.

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