Phone history :These phones take you back to those young years

- Mar 15, 2018-

Smartphones have grown from scratch, and they have made very high progress by making phone calls and text messages, and now playing games and listening to music. At the same time, there have been many and many mobile phone brands. There are no 10,000 or a thousand products for us. It can be said that our generation is watching smart phones from the low-end to the high-end, and it just witnessed the splendor of smart phones. era. Today, we come to recall memories of the mainstream mobile phone market in the mainstream brands of the first smart phone, those years of simmering years gone forever, smart phones will inevitably be eliminated in the end, it is full of tears.


Steve Jobs has a strong presence with the iPhone, completely changing the entire smart phone industry:

The time was fixed to 2007, when Joe helped the public with the first generation iPhone. When the mobile phone appeared, it was too much of a look. When that Nokia was king, the iPhone appeared to be “neither fish nor fowl”—there was no keyboard, no mobile phone battery could be disassembled, comparable to the turtle speed 2G network, etc. And so on, such a mobile phone appeared to be a "junk" at that time. However, after passing the time, iPhone and Steve Jobs are doomed to be written in history. It is precisely because of the appearance of the iPhone that the entire mobile phone industry began to clean.


From the beginning, positioning the high-end market, Samsung Galaxy I7500 power

Speaking of Samsung Galaxy I7500 this phone may not be clear to many people, this is Samsung's first Android smart phone. Although it did not bring any major changes to the entire mobile phone industry, the configuration and design at that time was also the mainstream high-end flagship product. Therefore, Samsung’s position has been very clear since it did not lower its own value. Performance, high configuration to fight the world.


The third largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world, Huawei's first generation Android smart machine U8220:

Huawei was the first mobile phone manufacturer in China to embrace the Android operating system. This Huawei U8220 is also a well-known operator customization machine. Huawei U8220 is not only Huawei's first Android smart phone, but also Huawei's first smart phone. At the time of its listing in 2009, the price of only one thousand yuan was also an upsurge of change. There was no physical keyboard, and the touch screen was a design that followed the trend at the time.


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