Really? Golden iPhone X

- Mar 01, 2018-

The hands-on users have made a rendering of the iPhone X gold medal.

网友眼疾手快 土豪金iPhone X渲染图出炉

网友眼疾手快 土豪金iPhone X渲染图出炉

土豪金iPhone X

From the ingenuity of the netizens of the picture, the iPhone X gold nouveau riche can be really Hao to the extreme. Not only the back glass is golden, but also the metal frame is golden, with golden wallpaper... It can be said to be "brilliant and brilliant". The careful Internet users don't even let the apple Logo behind, as well as a metal ring with a layer of gold and a camera. Although we all know that the beauty of apple is not depraved to this level, this gold may be a real hammer. If iPhone X launched such a golden version, would you think about one?

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