Samsung Galaxy X flexible folding screen is more cool than full screen!

- Oct 30, 2017-

Science and technology change rapidly, for consumers, cool appearance has become sufficient replacement power. The appearance of the mobile phone, after several years of development, ushered in a comprehensive screen, which is enough shocking design. But for many people, this is certainly not the final form of mobile phones in the future.

三星Galaxy X

For the flexible screen manufacturers Samsung, the future of the mobile phone is likely to be more cool! Recently, the online exposure of the Samsung Galaxy X design sketch, this mobile phone groundbreaking use of folding flexible screen design. From the design point of view, Samsung Galaxy X not only uses a comprehensive screen design, but also in the fuselage of a similar SurfaceBook hinge design. The whole cell phone is very slim, and the folding screen is the biggest highlight.

三星Galaxy X

From the design point of view, Samsung Galaxy X is stunning, folding design greatly extends the use of mobile phone space. The folding screen mobile phone not only increases the display area, but also provides a new interactive mode, which provides more possibilities for the design and use scenarios of mobile phones. Although it is not known when the Galaxy X will be launched, but if the future of mobile phones really become like this, is not very desirable?

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