Samsung in the development of small screen full screen mobile phone is S9 mini?

- Nov 13, 2017-

Samsung, whether high-end, midrange or low-end products are almost using more than 5 inches screen, but if the rumor is true, Samsung may be developing a 5 inch small screen full screen mobile phones. And this is not the first time that Samsung will build a small screen full screen mobile phone message.


However, according to the news, Samsung's 5 inch full screen new machine is limited screen size is small, so we guess this phone should not Samsung A5 (2018) and Samsung A7 (2018), after all, these two mobile phones will use 5.5 inches and 5.7 inches screen, respectively.

This new machine may be Samsung S9 mini, but unfortunately, there is no evidence to prove the authenticity of the rumor. Broke the news even said, although Samsung is creating this 5 inch small screen full screen mobile phone, but the final release of the aircraft is still unknown. As for the outcome, let's wait and see.

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