Samsung responds to why Note8 batteries shrink,So that's it

- Sep 01, 2017-

Let us look forward to the long-awaited Samsung Note8 finally unveiled the mystery, although all the previous exposure has been accurate enough, but such a value performance double online Android flagship, or let everyone excited. But compared to the previous generation, Samsung Note8 's battery capacity from 3500mAh to 3300mAh, can not help but feel that it is competent for day-to-day use.

高东真It has been speculated that samsung's Note8 reduced battery capacity, probably not only for safety reasons, but also because of the addition of the dual module, which had to be sacrificed for its capacity.In an interview, however, samsung mobile President gao dongzhen said the note 8 reduced battery capacity because "it wasn't afraid".Because the snapdragon 835 chip and the Exynos8895 10nm process can reduce the power consumption by 30%, this is the main reason that samsung Note8 is not afraid to shrink the battery.


In addition to the perfect power-consumption control, Gaodongjin also says Note8 can still have a 95% battery capacity after two years of use, while ensuring battery safety. Gaodongjin said Samsung's sales of Note8 are expected to be 48 million units, and S8 's current sales in 2017 are already 15% higher than S7. It looks like Samsung is really confident about Note8.

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