Samsung S9+ compared to iPhone X who can be the king of photo

- Feb 28, 2018-

In this year's MWC2018 conference, Samsung released a new flagship S9/S9+, although this product will have to wait a long time to enter the domestic market, but there have been some media to get a real machine. Recently, there are foreign media to compare Samsung S9+ and iPhone X, so who is more brilliant than the new iOS flagship? With the view of comparison sample.

三星S9+/iPhone X近景样张对比

三星S9+/iPhone X近景样张对比

Through the above two groups of close range proofs is not difficult to see that the Samsung S9+ photo shoot color more gorgeous. We can't tell which cell phone picture is closer to the real situation from the photos, but from the perspective of perception, the performance of Samsung S9+ is more acceptable.

三星S9+/iPhone X人像模式样张对比


Look at the Samsung S9+'s signature function - the backdrop. The Samsung S9+ is equipped with dual cameras, then the comparison sample mode but also to some people. It is not difficult to see from the picture that the image of Samsung S9+ is still a lot stronger than the iPhone X, and the character's face is brighter. But the proofs to enlarge, or you can see the Samsung S9+ for the edge details of the control is not doing enough in place.

三星S9+/iPhone X夜景样张对比

Night shooting has been Samsung's advantage, but this group of comparison sample taken from the foreign media, Samsung S9+ night performance is very close to iPhone X, although the picture seems to be pure, but the brightness is not enough, do not know is not proof of the shooting angle deviation?

Overall, the Samsung S9+ in the camera or can bring us a lot of surprise, many scenes from the contrast sample, the Samsung S9+ camera can be regarded as king of the level, so the camera requires high buddy, select Samsung S9+ is absolutely no problem.

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