Samsung S9 rendering exposure, compared with iPhone X has the same bangs?

- Oct 26, 2017-

This year Samsung is the focus of the outbreak, S8 and Note8 two flagship was turned out, so that fans are happy. Equipped with a full view of curved screen Samsung this year is still in the top value of yan. After the iPhone X flashed bangs, I believe many fans have switched to Samsung's embrace! But now electronic products update so fast, Note8 released just a short time, S9 renderings came!

三星S9渲染图曝光 iPhone X同款刘海?

三星S9渲染图曝光 iPhone X同款刘海?


The rendering of Samsung S9, in general, is similar to the S8 style, and there is not much room for improvement without removing the forehead. The highlight of S9 is that it cancels the back fingerprint and adds a region to the chin to carry fingerprint identification. But it's easy to use, but the color value has been affected, a bit like the upside down iPhone X.

In addition to the front, Samsung S9 is still equipped with a double shot, back layout and Note8 similar. As for the configuration, Samsung S9 is likely to carry the upcoming release of Xiaolong 845 chip, 6GB shipped up, with the largest 256GB of memory, the top machine emperor will come again. At present, the development of full screen mobile phone is rapid, but everyone's solution is not perfect. If Samsung S9 looks like this, will you buy it?

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