Samsung S9 specific parameters exposure

- Nov 09, 2017-

This year's Samsung is the focus of a year of eruption, S8 and Note8 two flagship launch, Samsung mobile phone won the throne of Android. Total visual surface of the screen design is to let S8 and Note8 have a very high value, conquered countless fans. However, the pace of progress will not stop, the recent news about Samsung S9 is coming.


Recently, according to a Korean media exposure of a picture of view, Samsung S9 will be mass-produced in December, 2018 officially available. However, from the data in the table, S9 and S9 + screen size and S8, S8 + basically the same, with the necessary full-color surface screen, it appears that the appearance will only be a minor repair, there will be no big change!


Recently, according to the latest information released by the State Radio Administration, Samsung has obtained approval for radio emission models for its new models SM-G9600 / DS, SM-G9608 / DS and SM-G9650 / DS, all with full Netcom . Positive estimates will not have much surprise, the back became the place where everyone guess. In the end the Samsung S9 back design will be like? Let us see it next year!

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