save money! Apple accelerates preparation for new iPhone X: See you in autumn

- Apr 11, 2018-

According to CNET's exclusive source quoted from RBC Capital, Apple has prepared three new iPhones this fall, and they can all be seen as variants of the iPhone X.

Iphonw X.jpg

As for this new iPhone, surely everyone has heard some of them, one of which is the regular update of the existing 5.8-inch iPhone X, while the other two are the iPhone X Plus, and the other is the 6.1-inch cheap iPhone. .

iphone X new.jpg

According to sources in the industry chain, the number of new iPhones that Apple is preparing to ship this year is at most 100 million units, among which there are cheaper iPhones that can account for half of the iPhone's status. Of course, the price is basically the same.

The last thing to say is that the cheaper version of the iPhone still has a certain degree of castration compared to the other two new iPhones, such as the LCD screen and the rear single camera.

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