Standardization enters final stage: 5G will invert the terminal

- Mar 21, 2018-

As one of the most important technologies in the past five years, 5G networks have attracted worldwide attention. Recently, the GSMA held a Post MWC18 "Xixianghui" forum. For the development of the current 5G technology, Wang Jianzhou, senior consultant of GSMA and president of the China Listed Companies Association, said that after 3GPP released 5G non-independent networking standards at the end of last year, Manufacturers have already demonstrated the latest wireless standard 5G equipment in this year's GSMA Barcelona flagship. He said that the current 5G technology has basically matured, and 5G standardization has also entered the final stage.

标准化进入最后阶段 5G定会颠覆终端

Wang Jianzhou said that the popularity of 5G will bring about tremendous changes in terminal equipment. The current smart phone has become a personal information center, and in the future, smart phones will be extended to intelligent control centers. In the light of the current development process, the foldable The screen may come soon, and there will be great changes in the battery and operating system.

Wang Jianzhou also stated that the main application of 5G in the future will focus on two aspects: First, eMBB (enhanced mobile broadband), which will not only provide higher network capacity, but also uRLLC (high-reliability low-latency network). The popularity of AI technology in all walks of life will be the flashpoint for 5G applications.

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