Stanford Student Protests Apple, Calls for iOS to Add New Features to Ease Mobile Addiction

- Mar 09, 2018-

A few days ago, some media reported that over the weekend, a group of Stanford students protested outside the Palo Alto Apple Store, hoping that Apple could solve the problem of indulging in mobile phones. They believe that mobile addiction will affect interpersonal relationships and reduce productivity, and hope that Apple can add new features to allow users to view the time of using the phone, and add a similar flight mode features to avoid cell phone addiction.

According to the Stanford Daily report, the organization’s research shows that 50% of young people are addicted to their mobile phones and 69% of adults check their mobile phones hourly. According to Bloomberg's report, iOS 12 will join a digital health tool that will be able to view the use of mobile phones, and may also join the "distraction-free" switch proposed by these students.

In fact, the problem of mobile phone addiction is not only among young people, but it is actually common in the entire society. Now everyone has their mobile phones and they are constantly checking the news on mobile phones. However, for the cause of mobile phones, I think the most important thing is that the ability to control self-control needs to be strengthened. Even if some functions are included, they will be closed when they want to play mobile phones. The root cause is still self-discipline. However, some netizens said that I was relieved when I saw the students who were obsessed with mobile phones.

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